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> possiblewithbrowser:resourceDirectory
> I tried your resourceDirectories directive and it worked just fine.
> Even though it is no big deal to register each subdirectory 
> individually, I 
> didn't yet understand, why this is necessary.

Pethaps you use a external folder and put a 3-rd party javascript lib
in it. Then you will only map some subfolders of this 3-rd party

> > because perhaps you won't
> > use all
> > subfolders of your resource. e.g. use some external javascript
> > libraries packages. 
> I didn't get that point. Probably I am a bit slow ...
> > I will move this to the z3 core after release 3.1
> > if somebody is interessted to have it there.
> Sounds good.
> I wonder, whether it is useful to have both resourceDirectory AND 
> resourceDirectories. Isn't resourceDiectories just a better 
> version of 
> resourceDirectory and shouldn't resourceDirectory be 
> deprecated in favor of 
> resourceDirectories?

Yes, I just implemented this as a additional use case in our repos.
We can merge this into the "resourceDirectory" after 3.1 release.
And then we don't need a second resourceDirector(ies) directive.

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

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