I would like to fix the missing event bug, implement Jim's proposal and
mark ObjectContentModifiedEvent and ObjectAnnotationModifiedEvent as

Any objections?


>I suggest we generalize this a bit.  I suggest that the ObjectModified
>event could accept one or more modification descriptions (hints?).
>Some examples:
>   ObjectModifiedEvent(obj, IObjectFile)
>This says that we modified the objects file data.  Note that
>an interface is an acceptable description.  In fact, we
>might allow pretty muich anything as a description.
>   ObjectModifiedEvent(obj, IObjectFile,
>                       Attributes(IZopeDublinCore, 'title',
>                       )
>This says we modified the file data and the DC title and description.
>This information would be a hint that subscribers could use, or not use
>as appropriate.
>We could change the form machinery in an obvious way to generate
>attribute descriptions.

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