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> BytesWidget v.s. ASCIIWidget
> Stéphane Brunet wrote:
> > Jim Fulton wrote:


> I don't know what your solution looks like at this point. But 
> I'll note:
> - File objects store Bytes data.  Not unicode.
> - For text content, File object's want to keep track of an
>    encoding.
> I expect that, in the long term (3.2?), we'll need to totally redo
> Files to make then sane and to take advantage of ZODB Blobs.

Yes, that's correct. I recommend to start a new branch and
take over the correct parts from jhauser trunk. I implemented
some recommended changes but never finished it because I don't
know a way how we can support backward compatibility.

I can take time next week for working at the trunk and check 
Philipps Widget changes and help with the IFile refactoring.
I also like to move our i18n implementation wit local Negotiator
etc. to the trunk if it's Ok. I will add a i81n branch if I'm 
ready with this.

Whould be nice if somebody or you Jim can give me more advice about
the migration path for such a IFile refactoring.

Roger Ineichen 

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