Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

Since we keep running into snags and frustrations with the package, we're checking out and see whether it could help us any. We're going to try using it today.


We have some concerns though:

* the snapshot is probably aging as bugs get discovered and fixed in your repository. Could you perhaps update the snapshot?


* it requires Python 2.4.1. Zope 3.1 to my knowledge is targetting Python 2.3. It looks like it's fairly easy to rewrite the few decorators that are in the package itself so they work with Python 2.3 instead, but we don't want to maintain our own fork. Obviously we want to use this with Zope 3.1. Am I mistaken about the Python version targetted by Zope 3.1?

No.  It supports Python 2.4 though.

> I'm rather confused that you're apparently using Python 2.4.1 for
internal Zope 3 projects.

Why?  Python 2.4 makes some things more convenient.

In partcicular, I really have come to like the new features in Zope 3.1
that let us declare adapted interfaces and to declare provided
implemented interfaces for functions.  The decorator syntax makes this
more readable.

Still, of course, for the bits we open source, I guess we are going to have
to port back to 2.3.  We're happy to do this if people start using
We've gotten almost no feedback up until now.


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