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> > I guess somehow Zope3 is trying to assign an id to workflow state
> > definitions too early. I can't "retry" this from my code myself (my
> > request will simply crash with the trace above), the real fix would
> > probably to make sure that these definitions can get IKeyReferenced,
> > but this is beyond my knowledge.
> >
> > I've tried to explicitly _p_jar.add these objects in the past, but
> > this fails with recent Zope3 versions.
> It shouldn't.  Perhaps you could provide some more specific information.

This issue occurs specifically with zope.app.catalog,
zope.app.workflow and zope.app.intid combined - (though catalog might
not play a real role here). The IntId utility is trying to assign id's
to subobjects that the workflow is trying to store (as annotation) to

I'll be releasing my cubic code real soon - it should trigger the
issue immediately (I might write a test for the specific cubic
environment that triggers this issue) if you don't apply the patch I
mailed earlier. Writing some standalone code that triggers he issue is
somewhat non-trivial due to all the dependencies.


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