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Martijn Faassen wrote:


* the snapshot is probably aging as bugs get discovered and fixed in your repository. Could you perhaps update the snapshot?


Looking forward to the update, though we haven't found bugs yet in our experiments so far.

I'm note sure there have been changes since the last snapshot.

Initial feedback:

Overall: it's definitely an improvement above the ZCML directives!

We often need to build template specifically, just calling widgets/foo/render inside our own template that's completely particular to that form. This worked well, until I had to figure out how to render an action. I finally accomplished it by using view/actions/, where 'name' is a lowercased from the one you put in the decorator and what will also appear on the button.

Hm.  I'll look at this.

This didn't feel ideal; the prefixing was hard to figure out initially (should at least be better documented), and basing the internal name on the displayed one doesn't feel right.

I'll look at this and at the documentation. Actions have a number of issues
and I'm not sure the doctests fully reflect them.  I want to take a look at this
and then provide a new snapshot.


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