There's a thread over on zope-dev that I think is relevent to Zope 3.
I'm going to resend a few messages of mine here FYI.

Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hi there,

Since Zope 2.8 has now been released, we can start talking about what would be in Zope 2.9.


I'll just remind everybody that, starting with Zope 2.9 and Zope 3.2,
we are switching to time based, rather than feature-based releases.
We will make feature releases of Zope 2 and Zope 3 every 6 months,
starting this December.  I suggest a manditory feature freeze
at the beginning of the previous month, so November 1 for the next

I have some ideas:

* newer version of Five included (whatever version is current then)

* Zope 3.1 included

Actually, Zope 3.2.  Zope 3.2 and 2.9 will be released together,
There is no need for Zope 2 to be a release behind in it's Zope 3

* Python 2.4 support

I think these could all be accomplished without getting too ambitious.

Yes.  I think this is a good starting point.  I hope there will be
more, but, since we are doing time based release from now on, we'll
have what we have.

Especially the Five work and Zope 3.1 work will mostly happen anyway, so integration should be relatively easy. I don't know much about how involved Python 2.4 support would be; perhaps people who know more can speak up.

The biggest issue with new Python versions is a security audit to make
sure that new Python features don't create security holes.  This is
especially problementic for Zope 2's current security architecture,
which relies on specialized Python compilers.

I would *love* to change Zope 2 to use more of Zope 3's security
architecture, although I don't know if I'll have time to do that.
If someone wants to volunteer for some deep work, I think this would
be extremely valuable.

Then there's something I know little about, but is also believed planned for Zope 2.9:

* blob storage, file iterators

I believe the work on this is fairly far along already.

Yes, probably.

I'd be happy if this was *all* that changed in Zope 2.9. This way we can release Zope 2.9 in the forseeable future, like, late this year. If Zope 3 is on track there will already be a Zope 3.2 release imminent by then, but I'm okay with Zope 2.x running a version behind in the name of getting things out of the door to the developers.

What do people think?

I think it is good to plan work, but, *we will not be bound by a specific
set of features*. We are switching to time-based releases for Zope 2 and
Zope 3.  Further, we will coordinate the releases.  Essentially, *Zope*
is switching to a new release schedule. Zope will be released every 6 months
and the releases will be in two parts, a Zope 2 part that includes the current
Zope 3 and a Zope 3 part.


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