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Further, we will coordinate the releases.  Essentially, *Zope*
is switching to a new release schedule. Zope will be released every 6 months and the releases will be in two parts, a Zope 2 part that includes the current
Zope 3 and a Zope 3 part.

Will they have the same relase date or will they be offset by a few months or something?

They will have the same release date, same announcement, etc.
Essentially, a single logical release, with a number of separate
release files reflecting different platforms and configurations.

This definitely gets me worried about coordinating everybody. We need very good planning to pull this off, something we haven't shown in previous Zope 2 or Zope 3 release processes. Perhaps a little ambitious?

Actually, I think that time-based releases make planning fairly easy.

There *will absolutely* be a Zope (2&3) feature freeze and beta release
November 1 (or sooner if we think that this leaves too little time for
a beta cycle).

There *will* be a final release in December, come hell or high water.

If you think this is to ambitious, then lets move the freeze/beta up
to give us more time for bug fixes, say October 1?


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