Chris McDonough wrote:
On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 15:54 +0200, Andreas Jung wrote:

- the trunk is no longer a development area. Developments must happen on branches and will be merged into the trunk as soon as the stuff is stable. I won't be acceptable to have half-baked stuff in the trunk. This will hold up the release schedule.

Is this a commonly-known thing?  I mean, it's fine with me, but I just
had no idea.  If it's true, I will try to help "enforce" it when I see
checkins that violate it.

This has been Zope 2 develpment policy for years:

We haven't been doing this for Zope 3, but I think we need to
start doing something like this.

The rule for Zope 3 has been that the trunk needs to be stable,
but that isn't enough.  I think the rule should be that
the trunk should be ready to make a beta release at any time.
We shouldn't check things into the trunk that would prevent a

There is a little bit more flexability for Zope 3 because we don't
release the whole repository.  The Zope 3 repository tree has
parts that aren't and may never be released.


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