Garrett Smith wrote:
This change has broken presisted SessionCresentials. I'm not sure why,
but the unpickler is calling SessionCredentials __init__.

This is probably because instances of new-style and old-style classes
get pickled differently.

I'm not sure what the right course is here, but I think something should
be done.

Technically, I don't agree.  3.1 is the first release with the pluggable
authentication utility, so backward compatbility isn't strictly necessary.

> One of these perhaps:

- Revert to old style class
- Write a conversion script
- Provide a BBB signature of __init__ with default values for login and

If this works, I'd say go for it.  But we should get rid of it soon.
Perhaps if there is another beta, we can put it in there, and take it
out for the final.

Also, since SessionCredentials is stored as session data, should it not
be Persistent?

Only if it is modified after creation, which I doubt.


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