As I'm going through the README.txt's and other *.txt documentation while I'm 
learning Zope3 - sometime's I come across random mistakes, such as grammar or 
little oversites and whatnot; despite the sometimes extremely trivial errors, 
I still feel like it wouldn't hurt to correct these as I come across them.

How should I go about doing so?   Or should I just leave well enough alone?

Here's an example, from zope/component/README.txt:

"We can register an instance this class using `provideUtility`"

( missing 'of' )

">>> component.provideUtility(greet, IGreeter, 'robert')

In this example we registered the utility as providing the `IGreeter`
interface with a name of 'bob'."

( actualy, the name was 'robert' )

So, obviously trivial - and bordering on innane - but erroneous and somewhat 
glaring nonetheless.

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