On Sunday 12 June 2005 06:43, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> I just came across a couple of places where the IView interface is used,
> e.g. IWidget and IAdding. IView was moved from zope.component.interfaces
> to zope.component.bbb.interfaces which contains a couple of other
> interfaces, such as IViewFactory, which is used throughout the Zope3
> sources.
> My understanding of a bbb module/package is that things imported from
> there are deprecated. However, there is neither a DeprecationWarning
> raised nor a comment or docstring explaining that they are deprecated,
> let alone explain WHY they would be deprecated. Also, their ongoing use
> in the Zope 3 sources lets me believe that they might not be deprecated
> at all.
> What's the deal with these interfaces?

It is strange indeed that we do not see deprecation warnings. Maybe the code 
is not used or the code that uses them itself is BBB? Anyways, any interface 
in the zope.component.bbb pacakge is deprecated and should not appear in the 
code anymore. If someone would like to do this cleaning, it would be great.

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