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Stéphane Brunet wrote:


I finished adding the "ASCIILine" field and the ASCIIAreaWidget to the source (see this thread for the details : http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2005-June/014735.html). I didn't touch to the Bytes Widget yet because It will most probably break everything using the Bytes(Line) fields.

My question is : how should I submit a patch for review ?

Submit a collector issue including the patch.

Does a "svn diff" will suffice ?



Ok, I added Issue 419 with a patch ("ASCII(Line) field and ASCII(Area)Widget should replace Bytes(Line) fields and widgets for ASCII text", It's hard to find a good title ;-) ).

I also wanted to add a followup (with a small patch) to Issue 302 but I have not enough permissions to do that. How should I proceed ?


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