On Saturday 25 June 2005 11:51, Tres Seaver wrote:
> I strongly disagree with not branching.  Leaving the trunk frozen for
> longer than needed to do the branch is a major burden for the community;
>  our policy requires the branch precisely so that release stabilization
> can take place without requiring the trunk to stagnate.

Stagnation was the second reason for not making a branch. It is also a burden 
for the community not to have releases. My fear is that as soon as people get 
in the mode of doing features again, they forget about the bug fixes 
necessary for the release. Overall there has been a total neglect recently of 
fixing the outstanding bugs, with exception of Julien and Dimitry.

One of the greatest dangers of time-based releases is that we release software 
that we know has severe bugs. One of the ways you can ask developers to 
concentrate on the bug fixing is to featurefreeze the trunk. This is common 
practice in several other community, including KDE.

As I said, if you tell me that you have a feature ready to go to the trunk, 
then I create the branch.

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