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> Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 4:42 PM
> To: zope3-dev@zope.org
> Subject: [Zope3-dev] RFC: Make <widget /> subdirective 
> supportsequence/items widgets
> Hi there,
> I have implemented these changes on a branch because they break API 
> backward compabatility on CustomSequenceWidgetFactory. Before I merge 
> these changes, I would like to hear your comments, especially from 
> people who are heavily involved into forms (Roger, Garret, 
> ...?). Given 
> no objections, I can merge anytime. The branch is ready.

I tried the branch and anything works fine for my project 
and the Tiks framework. We didn't use a sequence widget 
right now. I didn't test the subwidget directive, but all 
our existing widgets implementations are working fine.

Thanks a lot.

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

> Thanks,
> Philipp
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