Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Actually, I'm not entirely satisfied with the implementation yet. It still doesn't work sufficiently with subwidgets of sequence widgets.

I'm not sure if I use the sequence widgets correctly. Two days ago I used the sequence widget the second time (The first time I used them within X3.0. Everything seems to be equal except that the CustomWidgetFactory cannot used for custom sequence widgets anymore (->CustomSequenceWidgetFactory)). Are there other ways sequence widgets should be used?
class IFoo(Interface:
   attribute1 = TextLine()
   attribute2 = TextLine()
   attribute3 = TextLine()

class IFoos(Interface):
     foos = Tuple(title=_( default=(),  value_type=Object(schema=IFoo))
from import CustomWidgetFactory, CustomSequenceWidgetFactory
from import ObjectWidget, SequenceWidget
from app import Foo

foo_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(ObjectWidget, Foo)
foos_widget = CustomSequenceWidgetFactory(SequenceWidget, foo_widget)

     label="Edit Foos"
     menu="zmi_views" title="Edit Manager"


What exactly doesn't work sufficiently with subwidgets in your opinion?
IMO, it woud be cool if there is a way to hide and order the fields of the subwidgets.

So, I will likely merge after 3.1, but possibly on both 3.1 branch and the trunk. I consider this a bugfix.

This example pattern does not work anymore with the current trunk, but with your branch. It would be better if you could merge before 3.1, because IMO this seems to be a bug too.


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