On 6/30/05, os <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I try use "zope.testing.formparser", but he not supply several elements
> with identical name:
> ...
> <input name="ids:list" value="1".../>
> <input name="ids:list" value="2".../>
> <input name="ids:list" value="3".../>
> ...
> Questions: How i can check like forms in my functional tests?
> My offer: change self.current[name]=Input ==> self.current[name] =
> [Input1,Input2,...,InputN]

Indeed, it should do that.  I'd been thinking I'd done that, but it
looks like I didn't.

I've added the capability to the trunk of the zope.testing project. 
I'm not sure when the svn:external in Zope 3 will be updated, or even
what the policy is for that.


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