Garanin Michael wrote:

Ok, but my setup code very like your code with little difference:
- your code: default[folder_name] = utility
- my code: site[folder_name] = utility  (my question: is it legal?)
As result i have url "MySite/PAU/USERS" instead
"MySite/++etc++site/default/PAU/USERS". And it is works.
Ok, finally I got it :)
You try to register a 'content' component within the utility registry. Certainly the registered component does not have to live directly inside site folder in order to get invoked by the utility mechanism (compare global registrations), but it was a design goal of zope 3 to divide content- and software space (-> convention). In that respect it would a more adequate solution putting your pau regularly into the site manager and adding an additional content component or view that allows to manage the pau-utility within the content space.


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