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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] interaction between LocationProxy and 
> IIntId utility
> Hi there,
> Finally with some help from Stephan Richter giving us the 
> clue that this 
> __name__ and __parent__ information could only be lost if 
> LocationProxy 
> is in play, we figured out what what we think is going on:
> This is all fixed by subclassing Contained, but the catalog 
> not working 
> reliably for LocationProxy wrapped objects sounds scary. You could do 
> something with the IntId utility automatically 
> un-location-proxy-wrapping the objects if necessary, but that 
> would mean 
> that what is stored wouldn't know its location anymore, which 
> would also 
> be bad.

We have had similar discussion about this. Dominik added earlier
a ITransientLocation (I guess) for such a usecase. Jim suggest to 
remove this part. But I still think it's important to know if you 
have a real ILocation or a transient ILocation which you get with 

It whould be nice to have a ITransientLocation(Interface)
and a ILocation(ITransientLocation).

Persistent location are only supported by ILocation and not by

What do you think?

Roger Ineichen

> Regards,
> Martijn
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