Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

Christian Theune wrote: [snip]

I'm actually interested in what the plans/needs for zc.page are to move into core. Maybe I/we can spend some time on bug fixing ...

Even if not in the core, it'd already help if this wasn't a one-time snapshot but a SVN repository where we can check in.

I wanted to get it into better shape before moving it to the Zope repository, but that is looking silly. I'll try to find time to move
 it this weekend.


This raises the question of what it should be called. I'm thinking it should move to the zope package, but page seems a tad too general a name. Thoughts?

No ideas on a better name right now.

I hope that moving it into the zope package doesn't mean it will be only
maintained for Zope 3.2 (as it requires python 2.4). While I obviously
don't expect it to be released with Zope 3.1 I hope we can pull a
release of it that can be installed into Zope 3.1 (as long as it's
running Python 2.4). In that sense it being a separate package outside of Zope 3 may actually make things slightly easier for now, though I won't argue this too strenuously.


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