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I hope that moving it into the zope package doesn't mean it will be only
maintained for Zope 3.2 (as it requires python 2.4). While I obviously
don't expect it to be released with Zope 3.1 I hope we can pull a
release of it that can be installed into Zope 3.1 (as long as it's
running Python 2.4).

Our current plan is to keep it as a separate top-level "project" in
Subversion, and link it into Zope 3 using svn:externals (similar to

Sounds good. I am looking forward to being able to help out's further development (though so far I only ran into relatively minor snags).

Note that does contain a (very small) quantity of ZCML and that zope traditionally doesn't contain ZCML; what's the thinking about that?

I'd like to revisit that.  In fact, I think it's nearing time to revisit
out repository layour.  We came up with the current layout a year or two
ago.  At the time, we said that the aproach was temporary and that we would
revisit it layer when things matured.  I'd like to take a fresh look at this
after 3.1 is out, perhaps in September.


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