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I would like to break the hard-wired assumption in the forms / widgets
machinery that all schemas must be interfaces with fields;  in
particular, I would like to make the introspection of the fieldset from
a given schema pluggable.

The use cases make sense to me.

An observation is that the proposed implementation only works with zope.app.form and perpetuates some other assumptions within the zope.app.form.utility module--assumptions that we have found constraining.

The zope.formlib package (http://svn.zope.org/zope.formlib/trunk/, formerly known as zc.page) already provides a more powerful abstraction in IFormFields. The abstraction is only helpful with the zope.formlib utilities, though (not zope.app.form.utlilty).

A notable downside is that it is not an out-of-the-box fit for Zope 2.8/Five, since the package relies on Python 2.4. A Python 2.3 version probably would be easy enough, removing some of the Python 2.4 features.


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