Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:
I wouldn't mind such a change, but I think it's a little too late for 3.1. The first beta of 3.1 is already out, that means a feature freeze.

Ok. But default 'ascii' encoding seems like a bug for me and I want to change it to 'utf-8' before the release.

I disagree on it being a bug, but that's just one man's opinion. I don't feel too strongly about it.

In the long term, I would rather have this specified the way it should be with XML data: using an <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> processing instructions.

The reason this doesn't work right now (or, I should say, work the way you'd expect it) is because the PageTemplate machinery makes the (now unnecessary) distinction between HTML and XML. It uses two different parsers for those; that way it can support SGML-based HTML4. HTML mode is the default, XML mode gets triggered by an <?xml ?> processing instruction like the one above.

Apart from enforcing XML syntax, XML mode also requires you to explicitly provide definitions for the TAL, METAL and i18n namespaces (I think this is a good thing because a) it's the standard and b) people from other technologies know standard and are tired of Zope constantly cooking its own soup). Also, macros from XML PageTemplates are incompatible with macros from HTML PageTemplates.

So, to conclude, I would propose to rip out HTML mode of PageTemplates completely in the long term. Everyone nowadays uses XHTML, the drawbacks are (apart from the required namespace declarations) none and the benefits apart from the discussed encoding issue are a) less code to maintain and b) compliance with standards.

I don't agree. Now I want to use PageTemplates for i-mode HTML which is like restricted HTML, not XHTML.

Ah, good, so you have a use case for old-style HTML (though I wonder whether i-mode devices couldn't eat XML-ified HTML). In any case, that doesn't mean we couldn't make the XML mode the default mode.

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