On 7/13/05, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Andreas Reuleaux pointed me to the fact that this XML declaration should
> only be used for determining the ZPT input encoding, not the output
> encoding (which is set by negotiating the best available charset and is
> set in the response, so ZPTs have no influence on this anyway). It

This is correct. 

> therefore shouldn't be part of the output because not only could the
> encoding be different in the output, some browsers like IE also get
> confused when they see the <?xml ?> processing instruction.

I wasn't aware of this problem; can you provide a pointer to more
information?  For XML, the encoding (charset) set in the Content-Type
header should override the XML declaration, though I'd agree the
declaration should probably be corrected when the output is generated.


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