As we agreed on this list many months ago, I'd like to change the zope code to use the UTC timezone explicitly, rather than utcnow (datetime.datetime.utcnow() -> I only plan to change this in one place: zope/app/dublincore/

The reason I bring this up here (again) is that the change will introduce a potential problem with legacy databases. If there are comparisons of creation or modification dates--as an index of these values would make, for instance--then the comparison of the old naive and the new aware datetimes will cause creation and modification of indexed objects to fail.

A migration path that is good enough for the catalog use case is to walk over all of the objects in the intid utility, convert the datetimes for creation and modification, and finally reindex your catalogs. That's probably all we (ZC) need, for instance.

May I proceed?

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