On Saturday 09 July 2005 15:31, Pupeno wrote:
> I am starting with Zope 3, so far I like it :)
> But going thru the Chapter 3 of the Zope 3 book, I've got an error and I
> don't know how to solve it (note, I am running Zope 3.1.0b1).

Are you reading the online version?

The online version is a bit outdated and has some typos. You should read the 
paper copy; the quality is much higher. Corey is currently updating the 
master documents from which the online version is produced, but it will take 
a while.

I have also not verified that the book code runs with 3.1 or the trunk. I'll 
have to do that soon, but I have other priorities right now. If I cannot get 
around checking the book before 3.1.0, I will release a 3.1.x release once I 
did that.

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