Hi Gary! I'd be very interested in this. It's not critical for me
right now, so there's no need to rush making something available. I
have an inefficient but fun solution for my system that can be
replaced when this comes along. I primarily wanted to know the state
of the indexes.

Is what's there right now going to be what ships with Zope 3.1 final?

On 7/18/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jul 18, 2005, at 11:14 AM, Jeff Shell wrote:
> > I'm working on a simple application which is the first time I get to
> > use the catalog in Zope 3. I'm writing against Zope 3.1b1. I was
> > dismayed not to see KeywordIndex in the main catalog set, but then I
> > found it in zope.index.keyword. But it seems to be a bit behind.
> Hi.  Yes, we needed it too.  Here's another thing we want to open
> source.  Look at the attached .txt file; if you want it then tell me
> and I'll make it available in a sandbox.  We'll move it over into the
> Zope repo (probably with a new name, or rearranged on the appropriate
> locations (zope.index and zope.app.catalog, etc.) RSN.
> Downsides:
> - Note that some functionality requires that you use an extent
> catalog, another goodie in the package.
> - We have some refactoring of this that we want to do.  We'll have
> legacy issues ourselves, then.
> Additional upside:
> -  This package also includes a replacement for the field index
> (called a value index) and customizations of the value and set
> indexes specific to timezone-aware datetimes, as well as a few other
> things.
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