On Jul 18, 2005, at 7:04 PM, Garrett Smith wrote:

This might be something on my end, but I figure I'd throw it out in case it's related to any changes related to naïve/non-naïve time zones.

Here's the relevant part of the traceback:

  File "/opt/aktari/zope/src/zope/i18n/format.py", line 175, in format
    info = buildDateTimeInfo(obj, self.calendar, bin_pattern)
File "/opt/aktari/zope/src/zope/i18n/format.py", line 603, in buildDateTimeInfo
    tz_secs = tzinfo.utcoffset(dt).seconds

I'll dig further, but at a casual glance I couldn't turn up any security declarations for UTC objects. Could this be a case where datetime values are suddenly spouting proxied tzinfos?


security proxies, of course, can't be persisted, so this would only happen if your datetime were proxied (which is completely reasonable).

Did you try just making a security declaration and seeing if that fixed the issue? I haven't encountered the problem. I would think you could just do something like

<class class="pytz.UTC">
<allow interface="zope.interface.common.idatetime.ITZInfo" />

I'm not sure where to put this in zope.app...maybe zope.app.interface?

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