On Jul 19, 2005, at 12:22 AM, Garrett Smith wrote:

Now that dates have UTC time zones associated with them, will we be adjusting how they're displayed in various views? Somehow it doesn't seem appropriate to display UTC by default. I'd assume Zope would use the server's timezone offset.

Here's an excerpt of me describing our plan for ZC software on IRC, which Stephan has approved for post-3.1 Zope (taken from http:// zope3.pov.lt/irclogs/%23zope3-dev.2005-07-15.log.html):

GaryPoster so we already agree on tz-aware storage. My intent is to always expect an adapter of request to tzinfo. 20:49 GaryPoster we plan to have our apps allow specifying tz in the zope 3 preferences stuff 20:49
GaryPoster    so a logged-in user would have a default timezone    20:50
GaryPoster This would affect collected timezone-less times from our forms, 20:50 GaryPoster and affect the astimezone for the display of the stored utc datetimes. 20:50 GaryPoster We're stubbing this for our current apps, since it hasn't been high-priority enough 20:51

We go on (in the log) to talk about strategies for unauthenticated users.

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