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Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 8:18:01 PM, you wrote:

> [Tim Peters]
> None of the above appears to have anything to do with LoopCallback,
> though, so if any of that "used to work" but doesn't anymore, there's
> a cause outside of the changes I made to LoopCallback.  Best guess is
> that the stuff above never "worked" in Zope3, and that's the meaning
> of the ""TODO:  ... does not work yet" comments in
> zope/app/server/servercontrol.py.

Yes, you're right. I just missed my old buddy, the Shutdown function.
I think the functions were designed with a "daemonic" Zope in mind,
but that won't on win32.
I think it is still a better way to stop Zope3, than simply closing the
command window in which it is running (ouch, that hurts).

What do you say, can there be any data loss if I use the Shutdown
button? Does Zope write everything out to disc before it quits?
Or, a better question: how to stop Zope3 cleanly (and when possible
quickly, for development sessions)?

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