Hi all,

the Bebop Team would like to invite Zope3 developers for the next upcoming
sprint at the Knowledge Media Research Center, Tuebingen, Germany. The
meeting will start on Thursday, October 6 and end on Sunday, October 9.
The focus of the sprint will be on the Zope3.2 release. This might include
topics like

- Twisted integration
- WebDAV support
- Catalogs
- Customizable container views
- Zope3 and Ajax
- Event debugging

and many other...

Stephan Richter and Dominik Huber are the coaches of this sprint and will
introduce the participants into the current state of the Zope3 framework. 

The sprint is intended for Zope developers. That means that the sprint
will start without a tutorial, but interested newcomers who studied the
books of Stephan Richter and Philipp von Weitershausen are also welcome.
If you are interested consult the WikiPage at


As a zope.org member you can edit the page with


Please contact me, if you have questions or suggestions.

Hope to see you...

Dr. Uwe Oestermeier
Institut für Wissensmedien
Knowledge Media Research Center
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 40
D-72072 Tuebingen
Tel. +49 7071 979-208
Fax +49 7071 979-100

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