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> On 7/21/05, Garrett Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I guess my question was whether you see the widget handling the 
> > setting of the time zone, or the application. My vote would be that 
> > the widget deal with this, using adaptation to black box 
> the process 
> > of finding the implicit tzinfo (assuming the widget doesn't 
> have a UI for explicitly setting it).
> I'll agree that adaptation should be used to get the implied tzinfo.
> Whether the widget should be responsible for filling in a 
> tzinfo at all depends on how the application is going to use 
> the value; there should be a way for a field to indicate 
> whether the value contains a tzinfo as well as whether the 
> actual value should be normalized to a specific timezone.
> It should still be up to the application to specify what kind 
> of timezone handling is needed (via the schema).

Good point -- that should definitely be in the schema.

I just want to avoid applying special handing for time zones outside the 
widget/schema framework.

 -- Garrett
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