As the person who refactored SimpleInputWidget (not the author), I concur that 
it can be trying to use. We've actually forked that code, so I can't say 
whether it makes things easier or harder.

There's certainly enough collective experience with forms/widgets that we could 
stand another round of refactoring.

Jim, it sounds like you've got some specific ideas in mind. I know you 
mentioned helper functions at one point. Do you have some widgets at ZC that 
illustrate your thinking?

 -- Garrett

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> Zope3/trunk/src/zope/app/form/browser/ Fixed a bug in 
> SimpleInputWidget. _getFormValue had an evil side]
> I wanted to call this to attention of the wider list.  I 
> corrected a bug/missfeature in SimpleInputWidget.  I had to 
> comment out some tests that were testing this feature.  If 
> anyone wants to defend the feature that the tests were 
> testing, I'm willing to discuss it.
> See my comments in the forwarded check-in message if you're 
> interested.
> I strongly dislike SimpleInputWidget. (Apologies to the 
> author.) I'd love someone to move standard widgets away from using it.
> Writing widgets is not very hard, but you wouldn't know it by 
> looking at this base class.  Trying to use this base class 
> makes widget creation harder (unless you are the author of 
> SimpleInputWidget :).
> Jim
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