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Log message for revision 37358:
 Now input encoding of a PageTemplateFile in 'html' mode is determined
 by <meta> declaration and then the declaration will stripped.

 Open question:
     Shouldn't <meta>/<?xml?> stripping be in PageTemplate.__call__()?

This should be stripped by the compilation phase.  Since those should
never be part of the output, they need not be represented in the
compiled template at all.

I think about the following generic algorithm:

1. Preparation stage. Content type and encoding are determining based on the <?xml?>/<meta> declarations. In case of the 'text/html' type and a not unicoded content we decode the content. In case of the 'text/xml' type the parser takes care of the encoding at the cooking stage. We can do it somewhere inside PageTemplate.pt_edit()/PageTemplate.write() methods.

2. Cooking stage. Nothing interested for our case.

3. Rendering stage. Now we can strip the <?xml?>/<meta> declarations. We can do it somewhere inside PageTemplate.pt_render()/PageTempalte.__call__() methods.

BTW, just curious why we need to read HTML files in the text mode (See PageTemplateFile._read_file())?

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