On Jul 22, 2005, at 2:30 PM, Michel Pelletier wrote:
Awesome!  I like the idea of set indexes and always looking for new
indexing technique. Only having looked breifly at the code myself, what
is the relation between zc.catalog and zope.app.catalog?

The stuff in zc.catalog covers code that would live in both zope.index and zope.app.catalog. The current plan is to divide the code into those two packages once Zope 3.1 is released.

Specifically, the extent catalog extends the capabilities of zope.app.catalog and might go there; the indexes in index.py might go in zope.index; the subclasses in catalogindex might go in zope.app.catalog; the globber will disappear, never to be seen again; and the other stuff I'm not sure about. :-)

Again, the sandbox README touched on this and described the rest of the code; I think it's a decent intro.


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