On Sat, Jul 23, 2005 at 09:41:00AM -0500, Garrett Smith wrote:
| I'm getting mail from this list from
| We just moved to a different mail server -- the word 'bounces' would
| seem to be a bad thing (yet I'm still receiving posts from the
| list).
| Does anyone know why I'm getting mail in this way?

This is how mailman works.

That is the envelope sender, which is where any not-fully-brain-dead
mail server will send a bounce if the mail can't be delivered.  (this
is different from the From: header)

If you want all of the details, the address works as follows:


zope3-dev is the name of the list

-bounces is the suffix added by mailman for the purpose of automatic
bounce handling (mailman uses some 8-10 different addresses for
different list-related purposes).

+ is the delimiter between the actual recipient and an arbitrary
    extension (this is a nice feature supported by many mail servers
    including postfix, exim, and qmail and it fits nicely with the

garret=mojave-corp.com is the extension data that mailman wants to
    receive only with bounces caused by the messaged addressed to you;
    it puts an = in place of the @ in your address so as not to create
    problems in the overall address

@zope.org is the domain part of the address

The SMTP server on mail.zope.org is configured to pass messages for
addressed to zope3-dev-bounces in the zope.org domain to mailman's
bounce handling script giving it both the list name and the extension
(which contains the original recipient for whom delivery failed).


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