At debconf 5 a group of debian developers met about zope packaging in
debian (Minutes at [1]). I would like to let you guys know what went
on and hopefully get some advice.

We plan to improve the maintenance of zope packages in debian through
group maintenance and making it easier to maintain products included in

Specifically, some of the plans are:
    * Maintain all the zope packages in Debian as a group.
    * Alert when an attempt is made to de-install a Product package
      which is installed in some instances.
    * Provide per instance manual upgrade procedures according to
      the installed products.
    * Resolve product dependencies in instances, e.g. provide a tool
      which will automatically install schoolbell if schooltool is
      install in an instance.
    * Product dependencies in instances should also be re-computed on
      upgrading a Product package.
    * Re-start instances on re-boot, wherever they are on the
    * Have a common repository for packaging code.

Quite a bit of work has been completed thus far (dzhandle,
zope-pkg-developers), with more to come. Where is makes sense we will
try to implement the features in a general way useful to others outside
the Debian world.

In particular, I think that the product dependency resolving tool should
be implemented within zope (using ZCML perhaps) rather than debian and
would appreciate any advice.

Thanks for making it to the end of the mail;)


Brian Sutherland

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