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In the most cases users of the translate() expect untranslated string will be returned if no translation is performed. See for example Issue #298 ( Is this reasonable to change the translate() to return untranslated string by default instead of None?

I think so. I also don't agree with myself anymore regarding the fixing of issue 298; your proposal sounds a lot better.

So, +1 to the change. The question remains what to do on X3.0 branch. Changing the semantics of zope.i18n.translate could already jeopardize backward compatability between X3.0 and 3.1; such a change between X3.0.0 and X3.0.1 could be even be worse...


The simplest solution is to change all translate(text) calls to translate(text, default=text). I think we need to do it for 3.1 also.

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