Benji York wrote:
Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:

The simplest solution is to change all translate(text) calls to translate(text, default=text). I think we need to do it for 3.1 also.

So we'd either have to duplicate the message text, or place all text in a variable first, and pass it as both arguments?

    translate('my message text', text='my message text')

Perhaps a switch would be more appropriate. Something like (with a better parameter name):

    translate('my message text', text_is_default=True)

Well, I understood Dmitry's original posting (the start of the thread), that

    translate('my message text')

would be made equivalent to

    translate('my message text', default='my message text')

Right now, it's equivalent to

    translate('my message text', default=None)

which causes lots of problems because you would really expect to always get a (unicode) string back from translate(). (see the issue Dmitry's mentioning).

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