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with Zope X3.0 being integrated in Zope 2.8, a couple of bugfixes that went into Zope 3 after the X3.0.0 release require us to release a X3.0.1. If noone objects, I will tag X3.0.1 tomorrow night (CET). Please get any checkins to the X3.0 branch in before that.

Some of the bugfixes since the release of X3.0.0 were backported to the X3.0 branch, some of them weren't. Because of the Zope 2.8 release cycle, we will not have time to investigate all bugfixes to the trunk and backport them, but just focus on some very apparent bugs that we encountered during the Five integration.

I hope that we can pull the resources together to backport all the other bugfixes for a X3.0.2 release eventually. Maintaing the X3.0 branch is important because it's actively used in Zope 2.8; that means X3.0's life span will be a lot longer than we had expected.

You can help by automatically backporting all bugfixes that you check into the trunk from now on and that would be appropriate for the X3.0 branch as well. Some people also prefer to fix the issue on a release branch first and then forwardport it to the trunk. Either way, it would help us a lot and should only cost you a little more than the time that is required to run the Zope 3 tests another time.

With the coming bug day in mind, I would especially like to ask you to follow this practice for bugs that also concern X3.0. Much thanks to everyone who has already done so in the past, by the way.

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