On Saturday 09 July 2005 15:31, Pupeno wrote:
> I am starting with Zope 3, so far I like it :)
> But going thru the Chapter 3 of the Zope 3 book, I've got an error and I
> don't know how to solve it (note, I am running Zope 3.1.0b1).

Are you reading the online version?

The online version is a bit outdated and has some typos. You should read the paper copy; the quality is much higher. Corey is currently updating the master documents from which the online version is produced, but it will take a while.

I have also not verified that the book code runs with 3.1 or the trunk. I'll have to do that soon, but I have other priorities right now. If I cannot get around checking the book before 3.1.0, I will release a 3.1.x release once I did that.


I just got here for the same reason - trying to do the tutorial with 3.1.0b1 release and getting ConfigurationConflictError at the end of chapter 13 (the online version). The configuration file is correct, however both IMessage and IMessageContainer have __setitem__ defined and this produces a conflict when trying to set the permissions. Perhaps somethings changed in this area and the code in the book is not correct for 3.1. Removing the __setitem__ def from IMessage solved the problem and the application is working.

Velko Ivanov

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