Roger Ineichen wrote:
Note that this also effects Zope 2.  Starting with the next release,
the Zope 2 and Zope 3 will be released together.  Zope 2.9 will
include Zope 3.2.  If Zope 3.2 requires Python 2.4, then so will
Zope 2.9.

Wasn't there a "we don't slow down our development because of z2"
in the past. Did this change?

Yes.  Initially, when deciding what Z3 was, we didn't want to be
burdened by trying to provide backward compatibility with Z2. This is
still largely true, however, we are working hard to:

- Make features of Zope 3 available in Zope 2

- Provide a transition path from Zope 2 to Zope 3.

The people working on the Five project deserve special thanks for this
and deserve our support.

Zope 2 now incluses Zope 3, however, at this point, the Zope 2 version
of Zope 3 is out of sync.  I think it's important that, going forward,
the version of Zope 3 used by Zope 2 is current -- thus the linkage.

btw. does this mean we can't write tests with the new testbrowser package
and improve the quality of z3?

I'd liek to hear why testbrowser requires Python 2.4.  If we decide
we want to continue supporting Python 2.3, then I'd want to try to make
testbrowser (and formlib) work with 2.3.  We haven't decided that
we need to support 2.3. We need to decide and we need to take
the Zope project as a whole into account.


I think we need to make a proposal for this first.


That's really all I'm asking for. :)


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