On 8/1/05, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was just putting together the release and noticed a problem. zopetest.py
> does not honor the Python setting I specified during ./configure. It always
> selects /usr/bin/python.

I'm just guessing you mean "zopetest"; I don't know what "zopetest.py" is.

The #! rewrite is working for me.  Are you using the installed
version, or the version unpacked from the release tarball?  The latter
isn't expected to work at all; only the installed version matters. 
(The unpacked version uses /usr/bin/env python, while the installed
version uses the Python identified using --with-python.)

> I noticed this because my /usr/bin/python/ has its own pytz version, which
> differs from the Zope 3 one and I got a failure. This in itself is another
> issue, because the Zope 3 specific packages should override the general
> Python ones.

You & Benji figured this one out already; the append should be changed
to a prepend for sys.path.


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