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a final Zope 3.1 release is approaching rapidly and it is still lacking
some important translations. Yes, you heard right, the Zope 3 management
interface is fully i18n capable and we would like to ask you to help
translating the next generation Zope release to your mother tongue.
Here's how you can help:

Instead of requiring you to become a Zope contributor just for
translating a few messages, we are reusing the infrastructure of Ubuntu
Linux's Launchpad application. This is a through-the-web package
management application (made with Zope 3, by the way) featuring a
translation module called Rosetta. It lets you manage translations for
packages in Ubuntu Linux (Zope 3 is one of them) through-the-web.

These are the steps you can take to help us with translations:

1. Get a user account for Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/+login

2. Drop me a private email in which you tell me your Launchpad account
name and the email address you registered with. That way I can add you
to the Zope 3 team in Launchpad.

3. In the meantime you should already be able to translate messages to
your mother tongue:

You can

a) edit messages through-the-web or

b) download them as a PO file, edit them in your favourite editor
(poEdit and KBabel are good ones, for example) and re-upload the PO
file. If your language is not yet available, you can also take the POT
file from
Just be sure to modify the PO headers accordingly.

I will be synchronizing what's in Rosetta with the Zope 3 subversion
repository hopefully frequently and at least once before the Zope 3.1
final release which is scheduled for mid-August. If you have any
questions regarding translations, don't hesitate to contact the Zope 3
developers on [EMAIL PROTECTED] If you have questions regarding the
use of Launchpad/Rosetta, you can drop by on IRC: #launchpad on

Note that in order to use the Launchpad application for translating
Zope, you need to agree to its terms of use
(https://launchpad.net/legal), especially that your translations will be
published under the same license as Zope is (ZPL 2.1).

Much thanks in advance and best regards,


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