in 3.1.0b1 and 3.1.0c1 I have this issue -
when I install PluggableAuthentication and add session credentials and principals folder plugins, I can't login as users declared in etc/principals.zcml any more (altrough they appear in the grant utility) - only users in the principals folder are accepted. If I remove the session credentials, I can login az principals.zcml user, but not as user in the principals folder. Is this intentional ?

My bigger problem is that when I grant zope.Manager to an user in the principals folder, it somehow doesn't get all permitions. I can still manage the site and do everything, except use DA connections (psycopgDA ones to be specific, I didn't check Gadfly), which require zope.app.rdb.Use . Even when I grant the 'Use database connections' permission explicitly, the user is still unable to use psycopgDA. The etc/principals.zcml user with zope.Manage role is able to use the DA.

I need user authentication with sessions and PostgreSQL authorization source, but I'm not sure if I create the plugin, that it will do the job, because these users will need to be able to use DA connections.

Am I doing something wrong? Could Python 2.4.1 be interfering, as that's what I'm using ?

Also, is there anybody already working on such tool? It's good to know, because if yes, I can implement something simple and wait, if not - I'll implement more generic functionality and interface, so it can be used by others.

Velko Ivanov
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