В Птн, 05/08/2005 в 09:46 -0400, Benji York пишет:
> Ruslan Spivak wrote:
> Running the functional tests for a Zope 3 based systems with 434 tests 
> yielded (best of 3) a time of 1:12.51 for the trunk and 1:12.32 for the 
> branch.  That's about a 0.25 percent improvement.
> Unfortunately that doesn't seem like enough to justify the port to C. 
> Perhaps future work will make the improvement greater.

Yes, total rewrite of Zope3 to C :)

But seriously, tests were done in isolation just for method calls and
that is how it should to be to get net results. If you, for example,
try to run 
python test.py -vpu --dir src/zope/interface
on the trunk and then comment importing of C version of _interface_
optimizations and rerun the tests again you'll see mainly no difference
too, maybe 1.2% speed decrease.
So i agree with Stephan's remarks that it may be useful, but your point
is good and is worth exploring. I would really like to hear something
from Jim about the issue.


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