On Friday 05 August 2005 10:12, Derrick Hudson wrote:
> | Jim already convinced me to leave zserver has an alternative. Not quiet
> | sure how I will do this, but I hope it will be as easy as switching a few
> | options in zope.conf.
> This sounds like a good place to use WSGi.  If ZServer is made
> WSGi-compliant, then connecting the publisher to ZServer or Twisted is
> just a matter of turning on the right server and the rest is the same.

This is the greatest misconception about WSGI. It is not the holy grail you 
might expect from reading secondary documentation. I paraphrase Itamar: "It 
works well for simple Web servers and applications, but does not work well 
for Twisted and Zope." I totally agree. In order to make some more advanced 
features possible, such as logging, you need to extend the WSGI data 
dictionary (which is encouraged by the PEP) in a server-application 
proprietary way. That's okay and we will do that, but please do not tell me 
that you can just hook up any Web server just like that and expect 
*everything* to work magically.

BTW, ZServer can talk WSGI already. Just use the WSGI-HTTP in zope.conf 
instead of HTTP.

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