Stephan Richter wrote:
I saw you made the label the default search parameter. :-( I thought we agreed on making the name the default one. Not everyone uses labels.

Not everyone, but the *vast* majority of Zope 3 forms have good label support. It makes the tests a much closer match to what the user actually does. In our tests so far the name parameter has been used only for vocabulary fields, but we intend on enhancing the vocabulary widget to have proper labels.

If we intended for testbrowser to be a general purpose web site testing tool (i.e. Zope 3 wasn't the primary target), I might want something else, but it work *so* much better that I don't think "name" being the default would be preferable.

Also I hope that radio button groups are detected by name and not by
label as the documentation states.

Gary will reply to this part.  :)

Everything else looks fine.

Great! I'm really pleased with the work Gary has done on testbrowser. I'm doing a presentation at the Fredericksburg (VA) ZPUG tonight, if anyone in radio-land would like to join us. :)
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