Hi Stephan

> Right, I know you follow this approach with Tiks and it is 
> probably a good 
> approach for CMSs, where everything depends on the behavior 
> in the system, 
> but for regular applications its bogus. I really expect my 
> core objects to 
> have a core functionality.

Of corse you can do this. You always can use your own class
inherited from the base system components and register them. 
And you get the system, initializing and typing pattern for 

Remember this pattern is developed for evolving the objects
durring its livetime. More conservative objects provide
additional its own implementation.

I don't think this is only a CMS use case. It's more
a case of fast evolving objects or conservative objects.

The reason why we decide to develop this patter is the 
allways changing requirements in our pojects. You know
customers make alldays new desicions;-)

And of corse you can migrate objects where implement
all in it's own class, but not this fast and flexible.
Our typing pattern allows you to migrate individual
instances and not only on a classes level.

Roger Ineichen

> Regards,
> Stephan
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