waiting for some unit tests I saw that mail and went over the terms in
there. I don't know the state of discussion but I'd prefer some
different terms:

  attribut(e)   - Attribut (instead of Merkmal)
  bundle        - Paket (instead of Buendel)
  log           - (Ereignis)Protokoll (instead of log)
  layer         - Schicht (instead of Ebene)
  workflow      - Workflow (this is valid in german. Prozess or other
things don't mean the technical term of workflow)
  template      - Vorlage (instead of Schablone)

Some terms that I'm not satisfied with but really can't find a better

   dotted name     - gepunkteter Name
   skin            - Anzeigeform
   site            - Webplatz



Other things I found:

   property versus attribute. 

     This seems as similar in English as in German. I don't think we 
     should use both terms. (Is there a good distinction between those?)

   code -> Code, but: source code -> Quelltext

Just for discussion ... I'll change the (to me) obvious things later if
no negative feedback arises.


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